Maximum Impact

maximpactfrontcoverSteve Pace is a reporter for the Washington Chronicle, specializing in aviation and airline disasters. He once won a Pulitzer Prize for his work, but he’s fallen on hard times since. Alcohol and indifference have nearly destroyed his career and his life, until the carnage at Dulles snaps him out of his malaise

Pace is shocked by the official explanation for the crash. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, the disaster was caused by a large bird flying into the jet’s intake. Pace knows better: the plane’s engines were designed to withstand and deflect a bird strike. Something is being concealed. The evidence doesn’t add up.

Pace digs hard, pressuring government and industry officials, squeezing every source for information. But the closer he gets to the truth, the faster his friends and sources begin to die – and Pace himself becomes the target of a hit squad.

How far will Pace go to get the truth?

As far as he has to.

And the results are as shocking as they are tragic.