Book Cover Handyman Jean HellerHe began his reign of terror targeting prostitutes, then moved upscale: a teacher. A doctor. The police, under growing community and political pressure, are doing their best, but they can’t find a common thread that links the women and their murderer. They can’t even predict which Tampa, Florida, neighborhood will be the site of his next attack.

Cynthia Diamond, a TV news anchorwoman, becomes her own biggest story when the Handyman makes an attempt on her life. It’s no fun for Cynthia suddenly to be on the other side of the camera or to have reporters camped in her front yard.

Cynthia lives in terror that the killer will return to finish her off. From the police – even from her own colleagues – she receives little compassion or trust, only disdain and doubt. The Handyman is still out there, still looking or the perfect victim. Is Cynthia still his focus? Or will another woman become his prey?

The police are frantic to find him, but all their efforts might be too little, too late. The Handyman’s grip on sanity is almost gone.

Someone is going to die a hideous death.