Jean Heller

Book Cover Handyman Jean Heller
About the Book How well can you know the people hired to do projects in your home? And what horrors can you face if they aren’t what and who you think? Handyman asks those question in the glitz-and-glamor world of television news reporting where a serial killer stalks his next […]


About The new Converse jet engine had been rigorously tested. It’s supposed to be virtually crash-proof, a major advance in commercial aviation. Then a massive passenger liner equipped with the new engines goes down in flames at Dulles International Airport. More than three hundred people die.

Maximum Impact

I have written three novels and have seen all three published. That doesn’t put me in a league with such high rollers as Robert B. Parker or Stephen King, but it ain’t chopped liver, either.   Each of my first two books was published the traditional way: I had an […]

You Wrote It. You Sell It.

Darwin, the Brass Monkey. [Copyright © Levenger Company 2014.] I would like to introduce Darwin, the brass monkey on the home page of this site and a key character in THE SOMEDAY FILE. World, this is Darwin. Darwin, this is the world. Darwin was created and sold by one of […]

Your Host, Darwin